DCA Computer Courses – Powerhouse For A Bright Career

In this modern world it is hard to deny the control of technology in our lives. We live in an phase where pretty much is robotic and computerized.Considering the rapid, growing need of computer training in each sector, variety of online computer training programme is made available. Acquiring computer training can assist you to develop tactics that can eventually improve your business performance, significantly.

Computer training courses are a significant part in today’s work environment. Few courses very basic and specialized, training individuals to operate a specific software programme at various methods complexity. Several of these courses offer a range of certifications which can greatly increase a persons earning potential.DCA Computer courses will help to? improve students for both academic and professional progression


Diploma in computer applications (DCA) is generally 6 months, but may be extented to a year depending on the course curriculum and institution. It has been designed for studentswho want to improve their knowledge in the basic computer applications an programming.

????? Course Contents

Basics Computer Operations
Microsoft? Office Packages
Web? Basics
E-Business and Applications
Cyber? security
Computer Programmings


To apply for this course, you should have cleared? SSLC? exam

Benefits? Of? DCA Course

  • DCA course provide a base for further higher studies like MCA ,BCA,BTech etc…
    DCA students can apply jobs in the areas like Office Administration, Database administration, Programming Support etc…
  • Students have also the option of becoming computer operator to data entry operator to system administrator.
    After completing DCA course students can seek jobs both in public and private sectors, banking, insurance, accounting,retail shops etc
  • Computer knowledge is very important .When you are running your small business. More and more small business owners realising the importance of having computer knowledge to enhance their business prospects.

PSC approved computer courses for Secretariat Assistant

Kings Computer Center? provide PSC approved C-DIT – DCA computer course.The training courses take place at Kings Computer Center,Pulamon? PO? Kottarakara

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